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Faye Winter Art

Threes a kiss

Threes a kiss

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The essence of movement and change is always present and this is what I am exploring in my new collection .

Whether it’s the change in the weather moving from a dark and rainy day to a bright sun filled afternoon or watching the flowers in my wildflower meadow starting to bud to then becoming a flower.

This piece is larger in scale and I had more freedom to move and create bigger gestural marks which I absolutely loved. The change from the fluffy blended areas to the bold and braver marks. 

This abstract painting does give you the emotional uplift you need to brighten your day. If you look hard enough you will find three little x’s on the painting. Sending you three little kisses everytime you look at it♥️

Threes a kiss

77cm x 77cm

acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


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