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Faye Winter Art

Tears of a clown

Tears of a clown

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I have no plan or sketch before I paint. I let my intuition lead the way. It feels like a dance on the the canvas. My subconscious takes me on a journey through the canvas which stirs up childhood memories and melancholy. I do what feels right to me. 
For this painting I just wanted it to feel energetic and with lots of yellows and pink but my subconscious was thinking of something else. 
My husband is feeling really happy as he is beginning to point out things in my art that I don’t even notice.

If you closer you may just see a clown at the top. Funnily enough and maybe like a lot of children clowns weren’t my favourite growing up. I never understood the persona of the clown. Trying to be the funny when deep down all they wanted was to fit in and be loved. Constantly hurting themselves and being hurt by others it always made me cringe and uncomfortable. 

But maybe you loved clowns and then maybe this one is for you! 

‘Tears of a clown’

80cm x 80cm

Gallery wrapped canvas 

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