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Faye Winter Art

Hold on to that feeling abstract art

Hold on to that feeling abstract art

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Nature is always inspirational.    

It was just the other day when the sun was rising I caught the light shining through a forest of Scots pine. These majestic trees are so straight and so tall the sun beamed through and left massive shadows that we so long on the road.

It reminded me how much I used to love walking through the woods as a child. I grew up to a massive forest and I knew every inch of it. 

The joy of collecting raspberries and brambles with family or making dens with sticks came flooding back.  There is nothing better than getting out it nature. 

To putting your feet in the Earth, hands in the dirt and sunshine on my face! Sounds like the perfect day!!!

76cm x 52cm

Gallery wrapped canvas

Acrylic painting



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