Instalment plans

Sometimes we just love a painting so much but it may be a squeeze to pay for it all at once.  I have decided to offer to you a instalment plan in which I can ease this for you.

We can agree on the length of time the instalments can be paid and once the first payment is paid I will take the artwork off the market and reserve it for you.

I will wrap it up and keep it safe and once the art is fully paid for then I will ship it out to you.

You won't pay any interest! 

We shall set up the engagement through email discussions but the payment plan will be no longer than 1 year long.

The payment can be direct into my business account or through paypal.

If you do change your mind on the instalment plan for what ever reason please let me know as soon as possible.

If you miss a payment or stop communicating I will try my best to resolve the situation.

If you want to discuss your own instalment plan please contact me on