Meet the artist

I am contemporary abstract artist currently based in Glenrinnes in the North East of Scotland just on the edge of the Cairngorm mountains.  

In 2002 I achieved a B.A Honours in textile and surface based design. My degree discipline was printing and working in repeat patterns and layers.  Something that has stuck with me into my abstracts.

After my bachelors degree I went off travelling with friends and ended up in Australia for 8 years and had a wonderful and creatively satisfying career as a Visual Merchandiser.  This career brought my knowledge of art and design into the aesthetic of a store.

The move back to Scotland came with raising kids and getting on with life. Not until I started having panic and anxiety attacks that lead me to start questioning why? Life was fabulous and I couldn't understand WHY? I started to question this and it lead me down a route of searching. I started to look how to heal without conventional medicine. Which lead me to looking into spirituality, meditation and crystals.. As I continued my intuition became stronger and I listen to myself more. 

Looking back I believe my anxiety was the catalyst for listening to my intuition and that lead me back to my art. Expressing myself abstractly from my subconscious I found the path which has so much freedom and room for expression. 

All my life experiences have brought me to this point and I am so excited to see where my art takes me.