About me

I was always the arty girl at school. The only goal I had in life at 17 was to go to Art School and was over the moon when I was excepted at Grays in Aberdeen.

My passion had always been painting. Funnily enough I didn't go down that route and choose Textiles and Surface based design though it felt like the right decision at the time. My discipline in my degree was printing and working in repeat patterns and layers.  Something that has stuck with me into my abstracts.

After my bachelors degree I went off travelling with friends and ended up in Australia for 8 years and had a wonderful and creatively satisfying career as a Visual Merchandiser.  This career bought my knowledge of art and design into the aesthetic of a store.

Deciding to have a family bought us back to the UK and then back to my roots in Scotland.  The need to be creative found its way back into my heart and I started painting again. It took a few months before I realised I wanted to express myself abstractly and began this path which has so much freedom and room for expression. All my life experiences have brought me to this point and I am so grateful to be painting once again.