What is it?

Abstract and expressive art isn’t for everyone which I totally get!
In fact I used to be that person too!!!

I just don’t get it or my favourite is what is it?

It wasn’t till lockdown in 2020 that I fell in love with painting this way.

Before that I was painting representational copying an image and I would get a lot of admiration for my work.

But it wasn’t feeding my soul.

For me I want to capture an emotion in my paintings. It is an escapism where I get lost in a free flow state. 

Choosing my colour palette before starting helps the feel of the painting. Bright primary colours evokes feelings of playfulness and may bring up memories of childhood.

One of my paintings called ‘Up and Away’ is made with bright primary colours and it has turned out a fun playful piece which I found reminds me of a playground.  Others it reminds them of a harbour with a lighthouse.

Another painting I have done this year is called ‘Serenity’ and this painting is full of blues and greens which brings a calm and relaxed feeling to the art.  This painting would be perfect in a bedroom to create a calm vibe.

So next time you see some abstract art stop for a minute and see how it makes you feel and what emotion is stirred up by looking at it.  

It may even make you change your mind on the way you see this style of art.

Faye x