The colour of the wind

I am currently working on a collection of art inspired by the energy of the wind.  Finding my why and thinking of a new collection brought me to renewable energies.

During lockdown 2020 we started becoming more aware of what was happening in our home and wanted to become more self sustainable. We already had solar panels on our house so we invested in a battery system which keeps our bills down and we can use the sun (when we get any!!) to power our home.

We had oil heating which has a massive carbon footprint so we have just had it replaced with an air source heat pump. Just have just leased a little Nissan leaf electric vehicle to do our bit in helping the environment.

What has really intrigued me is the wind turbines.

Living in Scotland it is hard to miss the majestic turbines which cover our countryside and shorelines. With 70% of all renewable energy coming from wind power in Scotland its something we have to celebrate.

Opinions do differ when it comes to this renewable energy. Personally I don't mind them at all and I think they are helping us tremendously on the way to help climate change. 

Whilst working on my collection I started to think of how the energy produces the power. So I did a little research and wind energy actually begins with the sun and is really a form of solar energy.  When the sun heats up the earth and causes the warm air to rise. Cooler air sinks and this causes changes in air pressure which then in turn makes the wind which powers the turbines. I found this amazing and began working on it right away.

In most of this series you can see the lighter areas of the blades of the turbines spin around the canvas. Most recently I am working on the movement in the form of lines and colours mimicking that of the cool air falling and the warm air rising.

I really hope you like it! 

Bye for now,