Finding my way with my art by experimenting

I always regretted not taking a degree in painting at Art School.

For years I thought I would never be good enough to paint like those that had and I would dabble here and there.

Until 2020 lockdown I finally found my way back to painting. Lots of free time on my hand I began painting.

I started off painting animals, pets and plants anything representational.

Something was missing. My soul didn’t feel easy doing all these tight controlled details and I would know what I was going to have finished on the canvas.

So I began experimenting with Abstract painting. Oh boy did I experiment. Colours, brushstrokes and compositions. With so much frustration and so much determination I finally began producing paintings I quite liked. Mostly to do with brushstrokes with my inspiration driven from movement.

Short fat brushstrokes that would move around the canvas. This then evolved to longer flowing brushstrokes that weaved their way over the canvas. My colour combinations improved and I began to understand composition better. 
Then just as I thought I was happy I wanted to experiment more. To move away from these expressive brushstrokes and to be even freer with my work. 
It has taken me a year of experimenting to get me where I am today and I love what it I am producing. 

if they is one thing I would say to someone just starting is experiment. Try different way to express yourself with colours, brushstrokes and mark making you will never know what you come to love in your art.