Finding my signature style in art

How do you define your signature style? How do you make yourself unique and find your voice within the thousands and thousands of beautifully creative artisans out there? 

Here's how I did it!

Back to lockdown 2020 and with so much time on my hands I started to paint again. I woke up every day looking forward to making art but I felt something was missing. I was painting realistically and I realised I really wanted to be in tune with my intuition rather than relying on a photograph.

Intuition and experimentation

So I started experimenting painting abstractly.  Letting my intuition lead the way.  I believe this is one of the first steps towards finding your voice.  Big brushstrokes, different mediums and shapes I tried everything! I had so much fun, so much frustration and so much mess! I covered over so many canvases. My paintings would go in different directions and would end up looking completely different in the evening from the morning.  I found this experimentation phase extremely important as it helped me develop what I liked and what I didn't.

Artistic inspiration

At the same time I started following artists on Instagram to get inspiration from their work. In this day and with the rise of the internet no artist or creator is completely original.  I would evaluate what I loved about an artists work. I tried their techniques. I copied their inspiration and their colour palettes. Most of all I looked at how their art made me feel. 

All the reasons why you like other artists work helps define your style.  I would never copy an artists painting but started taking little elements of their style and kept experimenting.

For me I have always loved Art Nouveau and their use of organic lines. I think I gravitated naturally to using lines and lots of layers in my work because of this. Shapes or blending just don’t seem to flow easily when I work.

My favourite creatives on Instagram are @georgehallart @laurafayer and @alicewaltonceramics for their line work and use of line work and patterns.

Finding a helping hand

I came to a point where I was still unsure and had experimented so much that I needed extra guidance. I came across a course called the Abstract Art Evolution by one of my favourite artists Ciara Gilmore.  The course was such a confidence boost .Learning her techniques along with her guidance helped evolve my signature style. It really sped up my process. It brought insight into my own development. It was everything I could have hoped for.

Finding my why

Around the same time I joined an artist community called United Art Space after completing a free course to 'make 2021 the best year yet'. In this community led by Michelle Lloyd there is a course called the 7 keys.  It guides your artistic journey step by step and its main focus is to make art your living. One of the first keys I had to work on was finding my why.

Once you find out why you paint its easier to narrow your focus and niche down. Finding my why took a while. Lots of brainstorming and answering questions in the course I finally narrowed it down.

'My why is all about movement, spirituality and energy. I love to paint movement and capture it into the stillness of a painting. Movement is also linked with my fascination with spirituality and energy. The twists and turns of life and energy is generally something we can not see.'

This was another pivotal moment in my development. All my artwork stems from my why and it will never change.

Most of all CREATE

Painting as much as you can is the biggest step towards finding your voice. Daily or twice a week it doesn't matter as long as you find the time to do it.

Once you have found an art style that you love you will probably feel the need for it to evolve and will need to repeat the process all over again! 

I hope my story helps in some sort of way.

Bye for now,

Faye x