My why

My why

An artists why is so important to their process. Its the reason why we paint the way we do. It also changes and evolves as we grow as an artist and our style develops.

Our why drives us forward and keeps us on track.

It is the true reason why we create and why we connect with our collectors.

My why has changed even in the last couple of months.

I thought my 'why' was my inspiration to the Scottish landscape. Growing up in Scotland as a child then moving to near to where my ancestors lived and worked on their farms. The nostalgia of my past and their past. I have realised it is much more than this. Its like peeling away an onion and each time you get closer and closer to the real 'why.'

A few years back I started having panic attacks out of the blue and my anxiety was sky high. I looked into a more holistic approach to help me at the time and enrolled in a crystal course to educate myself on their healing properties as it was something even as a child I was intrigued by. This is where I learned to listen to my intuition. Now if I have gone a bit wooowooo for you its going to get a touch more
wooowooo but hang on in there!

The energy of crystals, charkas, angel numbers and spirituality in general gave me goose pimples and I just loved it all. I truly believe this was all a stepping stone to start painting again which then leads me to my why.

My paintings are here to uplift your spirit. To take you away from the negativity that's on the news and to help you listen to your intuition.

I use healing colours that are linked to the charkas. I especially love greens and pinks which are the colours of the heart charka. To send love out into the world.

Yellows are the colour of the solar plexus which is our emotional centre. It is a colour of joy and optimism. I absolutely love yellow and you will see it in a lot of my work.

Turquoise blue and aqua blue are also my favourite colours which are linked with the throat charka. This gorgeous colours are associated with communication and inspiration.

My abstract art is a playful and energetic take on my emotional and intuitive response to life. To is made to generate joy and inspire you to honour your intuitive gifts.

I let my subconscious lead the way and paint how ever and what ever feels right in the moment and wow what an amazing journey it takes me on.


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