Confidently style your new art at home

Confidently style your new art at home

It is probably the first thought an art collector thinks when buying a new piece of art.....Will this painting look good in my home?

Firstly, you have fallen in love with the artwork because its speaks to you. You have an connection with the painting. It speaks to your soul and the art probably has a similar style to other things in your home that you want to be surrounded with. 

But just in case, here are a few tips I think could help you:

Pick out a few colours from your new art and buy other accessories for your room like cushions or ornaments. Doing this creates a commonality and brings the decoration of the room together.

You could create a feature wall to highlight the painting. A feature wall of colour or pattern will bring the eye towards the new painting. Choose a colour within the painting but going much darker or lighter would really work and would make a fabulous focal point and a conversation starter.

Maybe add your painting into a group of art work like a mini gallery with different textures, forms of art, framed and unframed. Its so personal and always looks fabulous.

Think about the colours within the painting and if its right for the room. An orange and pink artwork may be too much energy for a bedroom and may be better suited to a kitchen.

Get lots of inspiration from search engines like Pinterest that will help collect your ideas and spark imagination. Also look at how the artist has placed the art in the room mock up does enthuse any ideas?

At the end of the day there are no rules. Art is meant to be joyful and pleasure to own. 

Enjoy and have fun.

Faye xxx

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